Timelapse Test – Sunset in San Francisco

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I recently made few timelapse tests of sunsets here in San Francisco. Shot with my T2i and a tamron 17-50mm or a canon20-700mm L4, I used a intervalometer set to take a picture every 12-15 sec for about 2 or 3 hours.
These are a lot of fun to make !

Because these two below were shot at sunset I decided to go on AV mode on the camera, I would normally set the camera on all manual otherwise (M). I saw a lot of questions online about how to make a timelapse with a DSLR so here, i hope this will help somebody who’s looking for answers:

1. set your camera on a tripod and frame, when you are happy lock everything down.

2. Use an intervalometer and decide of an good interval, this is very important. Think about this one before you start shooting for 3 hours 😉 . If there is going to be a lot of movements, fast light changes in your scene you need to not use too big of an interval between your picture. For exemple in the first timelapse below i used 1picture every 12sec, that said I could have used a smaller interval and get a smoother timelapse.

3. transfer all the pictures to a folder and import them in after effects or quicktime pro 7 using “import image sequence”

4. export your clip to a format of your choice ( I usually use quicktime prores 422 HQ 1080p)

5. import in FCP or work in after effects for post work

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