IGUS camera slider also called zazaslider

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I just finished building my DIY camera slider with some IGUS parts. This DIY camera slider is also called zazaslider, you will find great instructions about how to build one here.

I went with the smaller version W1040 and bought it via amazon. It was very important for me to get something light and portable and it works alright with my t2i. I was actually impressed by some of the results for such a cheap set up, but this not a “one take” kind of slider. You will need to practice a little bit before and balanced your camera as well as you can to get smooth movements but it is nice.

I use 2 fluid heads fancier 717ah, one the carriage and one on the tripod. The head cost around $79 on amazon but I absolutely don’t recommend it, it’s heavy, stiff and not durable. I guess the pros is it’s cheap… I only use them on my DIY test. What you have to do is drill and tap the carriage and install your fluid head, use a bolt to fix a plate under the rail and you are ready to go.

I will post a video with some test shots and the setup but so far it worked well, smooth and light.



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