Expanding my skills: Maxon Cinema 4D

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I always wanted to learn 3D modeling to give to my animations more depth and texture. After effects is an amazing tool, I worked a lot in 3D environments in my AE compositions but all these years I’ve always had an eye on 3D software. 3D is time consuming and there are so many great software out there: Maya, 3D Studio Max, Cinema 4D. Which one should I choose ? And for what use ?

I finally made that step and recently jumped into cinema 4D. I chose C4D because of its great integration with After effects and its simple and elegant interface. I will now be able to give a logo that great depth, these nice volumes and be able to send these 3D models right into After effects for some compositing. No limit.

CINEMA 4D includes the ability to export composition files that can be imported straight into After Effects. This feature greatly enhances the workflow between CINEMA 4D and After Effects.



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