Cameraman for a documentary about microsurgery – Bay Area

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Cameraman for a documentary about microsurgery in San Francisco. Made for French TV, the film reviews the history of microsurgery. Interview of a doctor and shooting video during a major facial operation.
Camera: DSLR T2i and Canon lenses
format: 1080p 25 PAL
Lighting: LED light
Diffusion: French TV Channel France3

“Contemporary reconstructive microsurgery was introduced by an American plastic surgeon, Dr. Harry J. Buncke. In 1964, Buncke reported a rabbit ear replantation, famously using a garage as a lab/operating theatre and home-made instruments. This was the first report of successfully using blood vessels 1 millimeter in size. In 1966, Buncke used microsurgery to transplant a primate’s great toe to its hand.”

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