Loving the canon 50mm 1.4 lens

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If you are on a budget but need a fast 50mm prime lens, here it is. The canon 50mm 1.4 sells for about $350 and for the price i think it is an incredible lens.

There is also the 50mm 1.8 which sells for under $100 but I read horror stories about the cheap built, the fact that you can barely focus manually, some users have reported “the rear lens of the 50mm 1.8 broke loose and lodged itself in the mirror box”… Nice right ?

So back to the 50mm1.4, it is light and compact, a very comfortable lens. The bokeh is nice and creamy, the 1.4 aperture gives you the shallow depth of field that I like so much.

The day I got it I took few pictures of my dog to try it out. I just love how you can isolate your subject from the background so easily.

On the T2i the 50mm become a 80mm because of the 1.6 crop factor. This is great for portraiture.

The contrast and the colors are good, I can only recommend this lens for the price. I also got a cheap hood for it.

In video mode I’ve been able to shoot in very low light like never before with a camcorder…


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