Green Screen and EX1, San Francisco

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1.First take with Toby sitting down

Playing around with the green screen and my actor friend Toby.
We shot Toby twice on a green screen background and keyed out the green in after effects.


2. Toby walking in the back

The idea was to make him talk to himself while his “twin” walks in the background. Something you can’t really do by shooting the person twice in the same environment and then work with masks in After Effects.
Also the green screen gave us more freedom ( choose any kind of background, depth of field…)



3. The background

We used a picture of a saloon that we borrowed from the internet.

All the layers were imported in after effects in a 3D environment. I also created a 80mm camera inside AE Cs4 and turned on the depth of field to make it more realistic. That way i was able to keep the background soft.

Working with colors and contrast i was watching the result and thought that I could add more realistic details to the scene. One exemple was a simple “wiggle” to the camera or some quick out of focus moments, some kind of human “mistakes”, simulating the cameraman’s work…

Screenshot of the result scene



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