Meeting Philip Bloom in SF – EX1 and 5D mark II

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I was glad to meet Philip after reading his blog and following his work online since the EX1 came out. Philip recently became the expert on the HD DSLR filmmaking. If you go to his website, you will find great information and reviews about the 5D Mark II, the new canon 7D and all sorts of accessories.
Testing philip’s 5d with the zacuto z-finder in a bar in San Francisco, i was amazed by the low light capabilities and of course the shallow depth of field. No additional light, just few spot lights and a candle on the table… WOW!


So the question for me was “could I use the 5D for my work, which is mainly corporate films and documentaries ?

The first inconvenience about shooting with the 5D is that you can only shoot 12 minutes of full HD because of the FAT32 limitation. So It can be a big deal if you do a lot of live events, interviews, conferences… Well, I shoot a lot of interviews and some of them can be long, very personal and emotional. What if the person warms up for 10 minutes and finally feels confortable to speak ? Am I gonna stop the interview because of a technical card issue ?

the other thing is the frame rate. You can only shoot in 30p on the 5D mark II and, for example, my last two jobs had to be shot in 24. That said Canon is working on a new firmware to fix it ( available early 2010 ? No body really knows…)

The 7D allows you to shoot 24p, 25p, 30p and even 720p60 or 720p50. But doesn’t have a full frame, crop factor 1.6X.  So is not as good in low light and a little bit noisier. But don’t get me wrong it sounds like an amazing camera too.


So for what I do the HD DLSR concept is still too young. No doubt that that’s where we’re going and I’ve been totally seduced by the idea and the footage you can get with such a lightweight body. I definitely project to buy a DLSR, maybe next year or so depending on what will be on the market at that time…

But for now my EX1 is the perfect tool. Today the two cameras are two completely different machines, for different uses. I think the 5D is a perfect camera for music videos,  commercials… The EX1 gives me more flexibility in the corporate and documentary environment.

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