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    Peter Alderman Foundation

    The mission of the Peter C. Alderman Foundation is to heal the emotional wounds of victims of terrorism and mass violence in post-conflict countries around the globe.

    Documentary - Director of Photography - Uganda, Africa

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    ILA Trust, New Delhi - India

    A non-profit NGO providing free Healthcare for the underserved in New Delhi. The Trust operates two mobile medical clinics six days a week, and treats more than 100,000 patients a year.

    Documentary - DP & video editor - India

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    The making of Invisible Man

    Made for the 2010 Vienna AIDS Conference,"Invisible Man" is a life-size suspended sculpture made of syringes, red crystals and steel wires by artist Daniel Goldstein.

    Documentary - DP & video editor - San Francisco

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    Connecting modern and rural China

    how the use of networks, both human and technology, are transforming and modernizing the way healthcare is administered in rural china.

    Documentary - Director of Photography - China

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    TrendyBuzz Institute

    TrendyBuzz technology constantly scans over 1,400,000 sources (news sites, blogs, forums, social networks) to measure the IVU (Internet Visibility Units) generated by politicians.

    Corporate video - DP & video editor - Paris, France

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    • Canon C100 + 5D mark III
    • Atomos ninja 2
    • Lenses: 11-16mm 2.8
    • 50mm 1.4
    • 70-200mm IS L
    • Kino flo Diva X2
    • Sachtler Head and tripod
    • Zoom H4n wireless
    • Sennheiser G3
    • wired Audio technica AT899

City: San Francisco     Cell: 415-646-6560      cedric@cpilard.com